Technology: Proteomics from Archival Tissue Proteins Is Key

  • Expression Pathology, Inc. (EPI) is pioneering technologies and products that enable sensitive, quantitative high-throughput analysis of proteins in human clinical material.
  • The company’s unique Liquid Tissue(TM) protein arrays will make it possible to screen for protein expression across whole populations of diseased and normal tissue.
  • The Liquid Tissue(TM) process can also be used to prepare samples for mass spec analysis.
  • EPI’s proprietary approach will enable tissue analysis of many newly discovered proteins that are expressed at low levels and difficult to detect by existing means.

Expression Pathology, Inc. (EPI) is a biotech company leveraging its proprietary technologies and world-class molecular pathology expertise to develop research tools that enable accurate, high-throughput analysis of proteins in large arrays of diseased and normal tissue. Successes in genomics and proteomics are creating a major need, which current methods do not address, to pinpoint the presence of newly discovered proteins in tissue samples – in multiple patients, in all stages and grades of diseases and in various organs. EPI’s Liquid Tissue(TM) Arrays and ExCellerator(TM) laser transfer technology provide unique and effective solutions to that need, as well as new capabilities for a wide range of protein and tissue analysis applications.

Expression Pathology’s mission is to develop profitable breakthrough products and technologies for the analysis of human tissue to improve drug, vaccine and biomarker discovery, predictive toxicology screening, and basic protein research.