Innovative Solutions for Major Emerging Markets

Expression Pathology, Inc. (EPI) is an early-stage biotechnology company formed to leverage its proprietary technologies and the world-class molecular pathology expertise of its founders to develop products that enable accurate, high-throughput analysis of proteins in human tissue. Successes in genomics and proteomics are creating a major need to pinpoint the expression levels of newly discovered genes and proteins in different stages of disease and in various organs and tissues. EPI’s reverse phase Liquid Tissue(TM) protein arrays and ExCellerator(TM) technology provide a unique and effective solution to that need, as well as new capabilities to a wide range of protein and tissue analysis applications.

Within a year of start-up and with only $200,000 in initial funding, through a $100,000 NIH Phase I SBIR and state and county grants, EPI’s scientists achieved proof-of-concept and filed patents covering all of the company’s core technologies. The company has recently obtained $300,000 in seed capital from management, private investors and the State of Maryland, and through a $50,000 MD TEDCO grant. By late 2004, EPI expects to complete development of functioning prototypes, allowing the company to begin generating revenues through contract services and to proceed to full-scale commercialization in 2005 of its Liquid Tissue(TM) Array and ExCellerator(TM) research products.

EPI believes that its novel and proprietary technologies can be converted into several significant business opportunities for research products and services, and for diagnostic applications. The company is seeking to close a Series A round of $1,000,000 in 2004 to accelerate commercial development of first-generation products and services. By focusing on the commercialization of new research tools needed throughout the industry, EPI represents a biotech investment opportunity that can create significant profits and shareholder value with substantially lower risks and earlier revenues than drug development.