Exosome RNA & Protein Isolation Kit

The Total Exosome RNA and Protein Isolation Kit enables isolation of total RNA and proteins from exosome samples extracted from biological fluids (e.g., by using Total Exosome Isolation (from cell culture media) or Total Exosome Isolation (from serum)).
• Extracts highly pure total RNA (including small RNA fraction) from exosomes
• Recovers protein and RNA from the same sample
• Compatible with all protocols for exosome isolation

The Total Exosome RNA and Protein Isolation Kit is designed for the isolation of both RNA and protein from pre-isolated or enriched exosomes (not supplied). It is suitable for studies of RNA expression (specifically miRNA), processing, or function. The kit allows recovery of both RNA and proteins from the same purified exosome preparation. One portion of the sample is subjected to organic extraction, followed by immobilization of RNA on glass-fiber filters to purify total RNA or enrich for small RNA species. The other portion is then used directly for common protein applications such as Western blotting.

High yields of ultra-pure RNA can be prepared in about 30–60 minutes. The RNA can then be used in a variety of downstream applications, including qRT-PCR, high-throughput sequencing (e.g., using the Ion Torent™ PGM™, Ion Torrent™ Proton™, or SOLiD sequencing instruments), microarray analysis, solution hybridization assays, and blot hybridization.

For Research Use Only. Not for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.


exoEasy Maxi Kit

For purification of exosomes and other extracellular vesicles (EVs) from plasma, serum and cell culture supernatant



  • Isolate intact exosomes and other extracellular vesicles
  • Suitable for functional testing and physical and biochemical analysis
  • Purify exosomes and other extracellular vesicles in 25 minutes
  • Process multiple samples in parallel using a simple spin-column procedure
  • Use with up to 4 ml of plasma or serum or 32 ml of cell culture supernatant
  • Suitable for MISEV-compliant protein characterization
buffer a exosome protein extraction kit
buffer a exosome protein extraction kit

Product Details

The exoEasy Maxi Kit uses membrane affinity spin columns to efficiently isolate exosomes and other extracellular vesicles from serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant and other biological fluids. The maxi column format allows the use of large sample volumes, including up to 4 ml plasma or serum or up to 32 ml cell culture supernatant. The procedure is very fast, consistent and highly suited for isolation of EVs for functional analysis of exosomes and other extracellular vesicles.


The exoEasy protocol for purification of exosomes and other extracellular vesicles is not only faster than ultracentrifugation, but also yields a cleaner preparation. Scanning electron microscopy shows that while both techniques deliver intact vesicles of the expected size, the preparation from ultracentrifugation also contains many smaller structures that do not match the expected size or shape for EVs (see figure “ Intact vesicles are eluted from the exoEasy membrane with higher purity compared with ultracentrifugation”).

Reagent for Total Exosome Isolation (Culture Media Supplement)

EIR-02 50 ml
EUR 2485.2
Description: This product is used for isolating exosomes from culture media supplement based on chemical precipitation isolation method.

ExoQualiTM Total Exosome Capture & Quantification Kit (Cell Supernatant)

CEIK-109L-96wells 96 wells Ask for price

T-Pro Total Exosome Isolation reagent (from cell culture media)

JO66-V001M 500ml/BT
EUR 800

T-Pro Total Exosome Isolation reagent (from cell culture media)

JO66-V001S 100ml/BT
EUR 200

Psoriasis Exosome RNA

P241-PS - Ask for price

Lung Cancer Exosome RNA

P241-LG - Ask for price

Leukemia - ALL Exosome RNA

P241-ALL - Ask for price

Leukemia - AML Exosome RNA

P241-AML - Ask for price

Leukemia - CLL Exosome RNA

P241-CLL - Ask for price

Leukemia - CML Exosome RNA

P241-CML - Ask for price

Liver Cancer Exosome RNA

P241-LV - Ask for price

Normal human exosome RNA

P240 -
EUR 1499

Breast Cancer Exosome RNA

P241-BR - Ask for price

Crohn's Disease Exosome RNA

P241-CR - Ask for price

Kidney Cancer Exosome RNA

P241-KN - Ask for price

Bladder Cancer Exosome RNA

P241-BL - Ask for price

Thyroid Cancer Exosome RNA

P241-TH - Ask for price