OncoPlex Diagnostics (formerly Expression Pathology Inc.,) has opened a CLIA laboratory in Rockville, MD to provide Clinical Proteomics for patient care.

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Mass Spec Protein Assays in FFPE Tissue

We are advancing personalized medicine with assays that measure actual proteins in cancer signaling networks in FFPE tissue.

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Pharma Collaborations

Multiplexed Liquid Tissue®-SRM assays for major cancer signaling networks can advance development of targeted therapies and improve patient stratification. (More...)

Clinical Applications

Our Liquid Tissue®-SRM molecular pathology tests may improve evaluation of tumors and patient selection for targeted drugs, with EGFR and IGF-1R as the initial focus. (More...)


Our patented Liquid Tissue®-SRM technology platform measures proteins in FFPE tissue. (More...)